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This blog will be about creating various campaigns of giving away free electronics to its readers, but the catch-22 is its going to be an educational type blog and the free stuff will only be earned to those that participate in our discussions and sometimes submits their progress in life after they incorporated the various life lessons that will be shared here.

The intention of this blog is to educate the youth on what it takes to become successful or how do we achieve our goals in real & practical ways.

So the first topic of discussion is What is Willpower and how do we develop it? Conversely what weakens our willpower? & How does this pertain to success in life?

Any thoughts?

Will power is defined as the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.

I believe if young people could understand this one aspect it will propel the into becoming very successful, willpower allows us to take action sounds simple enough but in a world of digital media and plenty of discussion many of us are getting lost in the noise of everything out there and not developing the will power required to see through our actions and daily grind to the end.

Will power is not about something we are born with and naturally have at all times. It comes and goes, and some people have stronger will than others. It is like a muscle that must be consciously practiced and developed. Will power becomes weaker when one lives a life where they do not have to take big time life decisions.

For example, if a 25 year old lives with their parents and never moves out, their will power will slowly erode away and they will be stuck in a life path where they aren’t going anywhere in life. This is such a dangerous thing because it is not like a blatant illness where people can obviously tell that person is getting sicker. Will power is something most of us do no witness declining like all things if it is not consciously worked on it degrades. The danger of weak will power is that you become a human being that lives at the effect of his or her circumstances, and you fall down from living as an empowered human that lives as the creator of his or her circumstances.

The implications are enormous. Jordan Belfort the Wolf of Wallstreet, said there are two people in life. Those that get what they want, and those that live as creature of circumstances.

I no longer want to play the game that other people get rich, I want to play the game of making deals and becoming wealthy for my pure hard work and dedication to becoming the best I can be. To become the person that achieves goals despite the challenges, never takes no for an answer. Understanding and willing to change direction but heads down each plan with full force and full commitment.

Post comments below about what you think is willpower to get a chance to win a free iPhone 6!

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