Becoming a man of influence to get Free Stuff?

I have been studying success for a long time and have read numerous self-development books over the years. And so the next topic of discussion for you guys to participate in so you can win a free iPhone is this.

How can getting free stuff all your life become detrimental to your well being?

We often hear the terms like oh that boy is spoiled or that boy doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he can’t live on his own, etc. What does it mean to be spoiled, what does it mean to not know how to live life to one’s highest potential? How do people get to that point?

Here is an interesting food for thought.

You take a really beautiful girl for example, growing up through elementary, middle school & high school, she gets all the attention and affection that any human being could want. She is given free dinners by guys and guys buy her other free brand clothes and jewelry. On the surface she appears to have the most wonderful life any human being could ever want, just by being born as a pretty person.

Yet what is under the surface as she keeps getting treasured with free gifts is that her will power and mental ability to go after what she wants in life is slowly fading. Because she is always given free stuff this is what she begins to expect for everything in life. She is losing the drive to go out and make it on her own. Her mental fortitude gets weaker the more free stuff she gets.

Now the danger of this is two-fold, she will continue to rely on others to provide for her using her looks as the only value the only problem with this approach is that we all get old, and looks is something that begins to fade as we age.

What we may begin to find is that once we get on fire for something in life, for that goal and the vision, and get the thrill out of just pushing towards our purpose, then that’s where the real joys of life is. It’s not in the actual getting of the thing nor is it in the actual items we think we want, the only happiness we feel when we get those things is momentary and fleeting. Only true happiness comes from self-acceptance and evolution.

Growing as a human being and reaching new levels of success, that is true happiness and joy in life not something fleeting.

-Happy Free Give Aways

Let us know what you think about the dangers of always receiving free stuff.

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