Is it beneficial to get Free Stuff? Learning to Sell


I have been reading a book by Grant Cardone called Sell or Be Sold and I wanted to share with you some of the insights that I’ve learned since reading this book and how it relates to this site which is about getting free stuff. First of all the interesting point he makes about sales is that sales is fundamental to life in fact we’re all selling in our life, its about getting our way in life. Whether its in our relationship, business or with strangers someone is always doing the selling and the other is getting sold. For example, selling is not some abstract skill that only professional salespeople know how to do, its a skill that even young children use on their parents to get their way.

It is about the power of persuasion to influence other into doing something or giving you something that you want. There is nothing evil or unethical about selling someone, even though the popular media likes to label this activity as something scuzzy, yes there are a lot of bad salespeople out there that ruin the image of that profession but to claim you don’t want to sale means you will always work for a paycheck and trade your time in for dollars. When you learn the skill of selling it actually frees you to becoming someone that can cut his own pay check. The skill of selling is the path to richest.

Why seeking free stuff in life can be harmful?

Yes this site offers incentives for you to get active and learn cool insights about business and entrepreneurship, like becoming a tree service guy which we’ll go over in a little bit but how can actually chronically seeking free handouts in life ruin you as person, you see its impossible to become successful without hard work, its impossible to reach the top 1% without stacking and squeezing more hours and time out of the day. It’s impossible to make it into the big leagues without first going through the struggle and hustling like your life depend on it. This whole notion of law of attraction can actually be detrimental to life, because its this idea that you can relax and let go and god or universe will take care of the rest. Look we need to become more responsible in our lifetime, we need to become that being that takes 100% responsibility for everything that happens in life, we need to take responsibility for even the bad stuff that happens because that is the direct path to personal empowerment.

By taking more responsibility in life we propel ourselves into a zone where we can accomplish anything and everything we set out to do, its because people do not want to take responsibility for the failures in life, that they remain stuck at the level that they are at. Its by taking 100% responsibility for everything in one’s life including all the challenges as well as the insufficiency that we really begin to rise up and grow into a champion.

Expanding our responsibility is the direct path to personal empowerment.

Only reason you are not where you want to be is because the bullshit story you’re telling to …yourself!

We justify, complain & blame and when we do this, we do not move forward anywhere in life.

We are all creatures that were programmed with an innate desire to seek love & approval from others. And we spend our whole lives looking for that in others that also are seeking love & approval from others. It’s game of blind hide and seek which causes us to look in the wrong place thinking our savior is in the other person, however the only love & approval we can gain in the world is through ourselves, it is only experienced in the giving of it, and then it is reflected in the receiving.

What does have to do anything with sales and business? Well the other day I was inside reading a novel and a big storm came and knocked down one of our Oak Trees, which came crashing down onto our driveway effectively blocking the way out for my cars.  I had to call the tree service guy quick because I had an important meeting tomorrow morning, and when he answered the phone and immediately proceeded to tell me that its impossible to come out that day because he was already booked up, I used one of Grant’s suggestions to always agree to their objections so I did “Yes I completely understand that you are booked up, there’s a big storm out there, you will for sure be booked up, hey maybe if you help me out this one deal I got a lot more customers that need to tree service that I can send your way.” While staying in complete rapport with the guy I steered him in a different direction, its like judo, first accept completely and do a redirect.


This one tip will forever improve my relations with people and so he did come out at the very end of the day and removed the tree for me happily and we made great conversation, it was actually the owner himself and he was a great friendly man and I told him I’ll send more business his way.

Btw here is his site: Grand Rapids Tree Service

If you ever need tree service from GR, make sure to give this guy a call! he’ll do a fine job and he has over 25 years experience.


Becoming a man of influence to get Free Stuff?

I have been studying success for a long time and have read numerous self-development books over the years. And so the next topic of discussion for you guys to participate in so you can win a free iPhone is this.

How can getting free stuff all your life become detrimental to your well being?

We often hear the terms like oh that boy is spoiled or that boy doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he can’t live on his own, etc. What does it mean to be spoiled, what does it mean to not know how to live life to one’s highest potential? How do people get to that point?

Here is an interesting food for thought.

You take a really beautiful girl for example, growing up through elementary, middle school & high school, she gets all the attention and affection that any human being could want. She is given free dinners by guys and guys buy her other free brand clothes and jewelry. On the surface she appears to have the most wonderful life any human being could ever want, just by being born as a pretty person.

Yet what is under the surface as she keeps getting treasured with free gifts is that her will power and mental ability to go after what she wants in life is slowly fading. Because she is always given free stuff this is what she begins to expect for everything in life. She is losing the drive to go out and make it on her own. Her mental fortitude gets weaker the more free stuff she gets.

Now the danger of this is two-fold, she will continue to rely on others to provide for her using her looks as the only value the only problem with this approach is that we all get old, and looks is something that begins to fade as we age.

What we may begin to find is that once we get on fire for something in life, for that goal and the vision, and get the thrill out of just pushing towards our purpose, then that’s where the real joys of life is. It’s not in the actual getting of the thing nor is it in the actual items we think we want, the only happiness we feel when we get those things is momentary and fleeting. Only true happiness comes from self-acceptance and evolution.

Growing as a human being and reaching new levels of success, that is true happiness and joy in life not something fleeting.

-Happy Free Give Aways

Let us know what you think about the dangers of always receiving free stuff.